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Saving neon takes brains, brawn and a love for neon.

Most signs are bigger than you think. They’re heavy and awkward, and require expert handling, which makes them difficult and costly to move.

At the same time, they’re delicate and require lots of TLC. Most of them are in some stage of deterioration or disrepair, and neon tubes, if intact, are brittle. So, as indestructible as they’ve been for 60-odd years on location, they’re our babies when it’s time to move them.

And by the way…

while it is our goal to restore, clean up and relight these beautiful mid-century beacons, we also intend to preserve their vintage look, their natural patina—the qualities that, well, make them vintage. For that, we look to some very special neon sign experts.

We also depend on “neon scouts” to keep their eyes peeled for neon in need of rescue. Or maybe a “neon informant” who knows about a neon sign in hiding, holed up in someone’s garage or outbuilding, just looking for the perfect place to shine.

And of course, we need money from friends and benefactors who champion our cause and support our not-for-profit, share-the-art goals.

If any of this appeals to you, become a Friend of LUMI. Sponsor a Sign for restoration. Or, make a single donation. Raise your hand and let us know who you are. Sign up for our email list and we’ll keep you in the know about our efforts.

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