Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Size: 42 in H, 55 in W, 3 in D
Weight: 100 lbs
Electrical: 5 amps @ 120 v
Donated By: Joe and Michele Boeckholt
Restored through the generous support of: Jason Walker Restoration through the generosity of Michael and Myrtia Mardikes
Artist(s): Doug Fox

LUMI is please to list a classic Harzfeld’s neon sign among its prized collection.

Harzfeld’s truly is a Kansas City brand name. A department store specializing in high-end women’s and children’s apparel, Harzfeld’s began as The Parisian Cloak Company in 1891, founded by Siegmund Harzfeld and Ferdinand Siegel. It became Harzfeld’s in 1913 when it opened its flagship store at Main Street and Petticoat Lane in downtown Kansas City, MO.

In addition to its quality product and excellent service, Harzfeld’s at this location will always be remembered for its commissioned Thomas Hart Benton mural, Achelous and Hercules, now part of the Smithsonian Institution’s American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. Imagine, a department store adorned with such a masterpiece!

Harzfeld’s expanded first to Columbia, MO, in 1929. Then in 1954, it opened a store on the Country Club Plaza. Further local expansion included Blue Ridge Mall in 1958, Corinth Square in 1963, and Metcalf South in 1967. Regretfully, the chain closed in 1984.

Our Harzfeld’s sign is from the exterior of the Corinth Square location and graciously gifted to LUMI by Kansas City graphic designers Joe and Michele Boeckholt, co-authors of Harzfeld’s: A Brief History. They acquired the sign(s) from beloved Corinth merchants Mely and Bill Ballard of Mely’s Yogurt and Ice Cream who held them since the 80s.

The classic Harzfeld’s design adds a refined and elegant touch to our neon museum.

Original Address : Main Street and Petticoat Lane, Kansas City, MO