Harzfeld’s With Open Channel

Harzfeld’s With Open Channel

Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Size: 42 in H, 55 in W, 3 in D
Weight: 100 lbs
Electrical: 5 amps @ 120 v
Donated By: Joe and Michele Boeckholt
Restored through the generous support of: Jason WalkerRestored through the generosity of Rich & Lynn Klein.
Artist(s): Doug Fox

We seldom get to see the inner workings of a successful company. The second of our Harzfeld’s neon signs, we’ll call it Harzfeld’s II with Open Channel, lets us see the neon within the typically sleek glow of the classic Harzfeld’s sign.

A department store specializing in high-end women’s and children’s apparel, Harzfeld’s truly was a Kansas City brand name, founded by Siegmund Harzfeld and Ferdinand
Siegel. It’s flagship store located at Main and Petticoat Lane in downtown Kansas City, MO, opened in 1913.

From there, Harzfeld’s expanded to Columbia, MO, in 1929, the Country Club Plaza in 1954, the Blue Ridge Mall in 1958, Corinth Square in 1963, and Metcalf South in 1967. But after a long run of 71 years, the chain closed in 1984.

Like its twin, Harzfeld’s II with Open Channel also comes from the Corinth Square location, gifted by Kansas City graphic designers Joe and Michele Boeckhold, co-authors of Harzfeld’s: A Brief History. They acquired the sign(s) from Corinth merchants Mely and Bill Ballard of Mely’s Yogurt and Ice Cream.

The original plastic covers for Harzfeld’s II were broken and could not be repaired. But LUMI board advisor Jason Walker turned adversity into opportunity. He brought the interior neon back to life with the idea that we could present the sign in its open channel form next to its pristine sister sign. We hope you like this—we think it’s cool to see the raw beauty of this Kansas City classic.