Dr. Scholl’s

Dr. Scholl’s

Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Size: 40 in H, 62 in W, 8 in D
Weight: 75 lbs
Electrical: 4 amps @ 120 v
Restored through the generous support of: Jason Walker
Bender: Greg Garnett and Michael Garnett

With perseverance and the highest bid at auction in Lone Jack, Missouri, and in spite of it being Halloween Day 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nick and Patty Vedros added another household name to the ever-growing LUMI neon collection. Who hasn’t heard of Dr. Scholl’s?

Podiatrist William Mathias Scholl started Dr. Scholl’s brand of products in 1906 with his Zino-pads for lasting relief from painful corns. Since then, Dr. Scholl’s is credited with 1,000 foot care products, and by 1971 was a member of the Fortune 500, going public the same year, and has since been bought and sold numerous times. But since 2019, Dr. Scholl’s is owned by Yellow Wood Partners and is now branded as Scholl’s Wellness Company. To us, it’s still Dr. Scholl’s.

This classic sign is believed to be from Kansas City, exact location unknown. The rich black porcelain enamel was in very good condition.

Its restoration, orchestrated by Jason Walker of Olathe, Kansas, includes new wiring, transformers, and a powder-coated cabinet. The familiar yellow glow was brought back to life by Gamma Neon and will certainly comfort LUMI museum guests.