Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Size: 33 in H, 8 ft 3 in W, 2 in D
Donated By: Nick Vedros

Conoco was an American oil and gas company from 1875 to 2002 when it merged with Phillips Petroleum to form ConocoPhillips. Since a spinoff of ConocoPhillips assets in 2012, Conoco has been a brand of gasoline and service station in the U.S. belonging to Phillips 66.

Founded by Isaac Elder Blake as the Continental Oil and Transportation Company in Ogden, Utah, Conoco was destined to move and merge numerous times. First acquired by Standard Oil in 1884 and spun off by its divestiture in 1911, Conoco was picked up a second time, in 1929, by Marland Oil and relocated to Ponca City, Oklahoma. Marland rebranded the merged companies, stamping the more recognizable Conoco name across his Marland red triangle, creating the distinctive Conoco brandmark retained until 1970. The lozenge-shaped logo from the 70s beautifully encapsulated the simplified letter forms of Conoco.

Hit hard by the crash of 1929 and the Great Depression, Conoco survived to become a major supplier to the U.S. government during World War II, and by the 1960s was globally recognized as “The Hottest Brand Going.” The 1970s oil crisis presented another setback, lasting until 1981 when it became a subsidiary of rival DuPont. Various mergers, acquisitions and takeover attempts in the 80s and 90s found Conoco independent once more in 1998. Going public as the retooled Continental Oil Company the same year resulted in the largest IPO in history. It operated independently until its merger with Phillips Petroleum in 2002.

Conoco’s merger history coincided with numerous headquarter relocations, from Utah to Oklahoma,  New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and finally back to the middle of the country, in Texas. And by the way, there is an official Conoco museum in Ponca City, Oklahoma. It’s history is kind of like the Conoco name itself, with all those Cs and Os–what goes around comes around.

The LUMI Conoco sign dates to the ___??___ and was last displayed ___??___. We’re pleased to have a piece of this iconic brand represented in our museum.