Hey, Kansas City, maybe you can point us in the right direction. 

The LUMI is looking for clues about our amazing neon Arrow sign. Where did it hang and to what Kansas City business did it point?  Can you help?  



Nick Vedros - Arrow Neon Sign

© Nick Vedros

Here’s what we know: The sign was donated to Randy Steinmetz, the talented neon guy of Steinmetz Neon, with more than 40 years in the industry, by ACME Sign when it closed its shop. We think it dates to the 1960s. Randy graciously donated Arrow to LUMI with a pledge to make it glow again! He and sign guru Curtis Shaddox spent more than 110 hours restoring the sign to its former neon glory. The LUMI paid for its restoration.


Other details:

  • The sign was originally red, with red neon.
  • It was later painted white.
  • The two-sided sign mounts vertically, pointing down.
  • We painted each arrow face a different color – 10 colors total.
  • We crafted neon to match each arrow face – 10 neon colors.
  • Each arrow has its own transformer.
  • Each transformer is controlled with a cam driven animator motor.


Thanks to Randy and Curtis, and all who helped save this awesome sign! To find out how you can help save a sign, click here.




P.S.  For you neon fans, here are the actual neon colors used in the sign:

Side one, top to bottom:

Ruby Red

Emerald Green


Bromo Blue

Noviol Gold

Side two, top to bottom:

Aqua Marine

6500 White

Neo Red

Neo Blue

Veep Green